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Абдувахитов Ш.Р., Махматкулов Ш.Г., Дехконов М.М.
Методика определения вместимости контейнерного терминала обслуживаемого портальными контейнерными автопогрузчиками
В статье представлены взаимосвязи между параметрами контейнерной площадки оборудованных портальными контейнерными автопогрузчиками в виде математических моделей. В рамках исследования разработан алгоритм определения вместимости контейнерной площадки. Получен график вместимости площадки в зависимости от числа контейнеров, помещающихся по высоте. Также получены результаты возможности переработки контейнеропотока за год в зависимости от оборачиваемости контейнеров.
Ключевые слова: контейнерный терминал, контейнерная площадка, контейнер, портальный контейнерный автопогрузчик, вместимость.

Abduvahitov R.S., Makhmatkulov G.Sh., Dehkonov M.M.
Technique for determining the capacity of a container terminal serviced by a straddle carrier
The article presents the relationship between the parameters of the container site equipped with straddle carrier in the form of mathematical models. In recent years, the transport infrastructure has been developing at a fast pace, however, until today, transshipment points, warehouses, and also container terminals are a bottleneck in the supply chain. In the context of continuous growing container traffic in railway transport, a significant problem is the increase in the capacity of container terminals. This problem is associated not only with the rational design or reconstruction of the terminal, but also with the increased use of loading and unloading machines, the placement of containers and throughput. This study proposes to solve the issue of capacity of the site by examining the relationship of the main parameters of the terminal, containers and gantry container loader. The article provides the formulas for calculating the total number of 20-foot containers, which is located on the container site — a common unit of measurement of container flows. In addition, for the option of equipping the container site with portal loaders (SC), formulas are proposed for determining the number of containers in width and in length. The number of tiers on the height of the stack for portal forklift trucks and the turnover of containers in the terminal has been determined. A graph of the results of the dependence of the capacity of containers on the width and length of the container platform. From the plotted chart, you can see that, first of all, the capacity of the container terminal is affected by the number of containers stacked in height. In turn, the height of the container stack is affected by the technical data of the portal forklift. Knowing the turnover of containers, a container flow was calculated, which can recycle a container terminal for a year. According to the calculation, a graph of the processing capacity of the terminal on the storage period of the containers has been developed. From the graph it can be concluded that with short shelf life the processing capacity increases. As part of the study, an algorithm for determining the capacity of the container site is proposed. In further studies, it is necessary to decide the placement of containers on the site, in order to increase the efficiency of PFP movement. When designing or reconstructing container terminals, it is recommended to use the capacity determination method developed in this study.
Key words: container terminal, container platform, container, straddle carrier, capacity.

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