DOI: https://doi.org/10.22281/2413-9920-2018-04-02-226-231

УДК 621.316; 621.331

Бадретдинов Т.Н.
Оптимизация режимов системы тягового электроснабжения по напряжению и реактивной мощности для снижения потерь
Разработана математическая модель и проведен анализ системы адаптивного управления напряжением и компенсации реактивной мощности тяги переменного тока для минимизации активных потерь. Целью статьи является обоснование выбора алгоритма адаптивного регулирования напряжения и параметров компенсатора реактивной мощности на основе непрерывного измерения показателей работы системы внешнего электроснабжения при моделировании режимов её работы с учетом влияния системы тягового электроснабжения.
Ключевые слова: реактивная мощность, тяговое электроснабжение, регулирование напряжением, потери мощности, компенсация реактивной мощности, тяговая подстанция.

Badretdinov T.N.
Optimization of traction power supply system modes by voltage and reactive power to reduce losses
The mathematical model is elaborated and analysis of the system is done on the adaptive voltage control and reactive power compensation of AC traction to minimize active losses. Sharp changes in the load shoulder traction substation, which includes a compensating installation, leads to a decrease in the voltage loss in the system to it, and therefore to an increase in its power, which in turn will cause an additional increase in voltage in the traction network. To this voltage does not exceed the permissible, it is necessary to use longitudinal-transverse compensators with adjustable parameters. The purpose of this article is to justify the selection of an algorithm for adaptive voltage regulation and parameters of the reactive power compensator based on continuous measurement of the external power supply system in the simulation of its operation modes, taking into account the influence of the traction power supply system. In particular, it provides for the possibility of regulating the voltage of the traction transformer under load when included in the traction network of longitudinal-transverse compensators installations, taking into account the longitudinal and transverse asymmetry of the power supply system parameters and its real parameters, as well as the non-linear nature of the current-voltage characteristics of the electric rolling stock. In this paper, we will consider in a first approximation a power supply system with a single traction substation with an adjustable transformer equipped with voltage regulation under load, and an adjustable installation of transverse capacitive compensation of compensating installation.
Key words: reactive power, traction power supply, voltage regulation, power loss, reactive power compensation, traction substation.

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